Jeff Cummins

Composer, Teacher, and Performer

As a former private student on saxophone and member of The McLean Jazz Workshop, Jeff Cummins provided

 me with a valuable opportunity to learn and perform jazz at a young age. His depth of musical knowledge, enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication gave me a solid foundation in music and instilled in me the confidence to study jazz performance in college, composition in graduate school, and win a job with the United States Navy Band Commodores jazz Ensemble. I am excited to be working alongside Jeff as an instructor with Virginia Music Adventures' Chapel Square Combo.

Rob Holmes - Professional Musician

"Once my daughter began taking piano lessons with Jeff, my husband and I noticed that the songs he assigned were much more interesting and challenging than those she had encountered with previous teachers.  My daughter likes how Jeff explains the history behind the music she is studying, and how he weaves in stories about the composer.  Jeff is an extraordinarily gifted musician and educator.  What sets him apart is how he tailors music instruction for each of his students in a way that not only helps his students improve, but also enables them to genuinely understand and embrace the music.  As a parent, I feel that the regular house concerts Jeff hosts in his home are fantastic.  They are an opportunity for all the students to showcase their developing talents and build confidence by performing in front of family and fellow musicians in a warm and supportive environment." 

Hahn N - Parent

"A few months ago I overheard my son on the phone with his Grandpa.  The conversation was lasting longer than usual.  They were deep in discussion about some of the greats in jazz history.  I could see my son's eyes light up as his Grandpa described how, decades ago, he had seen these same artists perform in person.  At that moment, I realized the power and importance of Jeff's approach to music education.  It can connect family and friends, and bridge generations.  My son has made significant progress studying piano with Jeff over the past few years.  He looks forward to each lesson. This experience has also helped my son become a top performer and leader in his high school's band program." 

Bill D - Parent

My son has made tremendous progress on the saxophone under Jeff's tutelage. In less than one year, he has gone from being a novice to playing big band jazz. My son has never been more enthusiastic about his musical studies. Beyond the musical education, Jeff has been an important role model to my son and has helped guide his personal development in a positive way.


I was worried when I started that since I don't love jazz, we wouldn't hit it off. He was totally into non jazz piano performance, and his knowledge of composers, history, and his funny stories about them all made them come to life for me and made playing even more fun.

Past Student

Thanks for your amazing patience and understanding. You have been so gracious to us and we are very thankful for all you have done for him. I do not think you realize what an impact you have made. He is more confident and self assured and that is PRICELESS. You have made a lasting impression upon both our boys, and we are eternally grateful!! Keep doing your amazing things. THANK YOU!!!!!


We want to thank you for the amazing experience that our son just enjoyed. As parents it's always wonderful to see your child thrive in a happy environment. He really enjoys playing with you, and it was a joy for us to see him stretch to new limits. You have created a marvelous environment that nurtures students's musical growth and social development. What an awesome life experience! Thanks for sharing your talents and thank you for your commitment.

Past Parent