Jeff Cummins

Composer, Teacher, and Performer

The performing, digital composing, and recording studios include:

- Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

- Kohler and Campbell Upright Piano

- Roland, Yamaga, and Moog Keyboards/Synths

- Selmer, Yamaha, and Ryton Saxes, Clarinets, Flutes

- Two Taye Drum Kits

- Sibelius Pro Composition Suites (4, 6, and 7)

- Cubase by Steinberg

- Adobe Audition

- Twp Pre Sonus 24 bit/96k firewire 8 input digital interfaces

- Sterling Audio, Shure, and Rode Microphones

Individual lessons offered to students of all experience levels :

- Classical Piano Performance

- Jazz Piano Performance

- Classical Saxophone Performance

- Jazz Saxophone Performance

- Music Theory

- Principles of Harmony

- Jazz Improvisation

- Composition & Orchestration

- Preparation for IB and AP Music Exams

- Introductory Recording Principles

Studio Procedures

Three options for schedules

Students may enroll for one of three different schedule options:

     - School Year - Students are scheduled for weekly lessons September through June

     - Summer Only - Students are scheduled for weekly and bi-weekly lessons during the summer

     - Year Round - Students study on a 12 month basis

Reserving a Space on the Studio Schedule

A waiting list is available for prospective students waiting to secure a regular schedule slot. Sometimes it can take as long as a year or two to secure a space, while at other times it may be possible to register in just a matter of weeks. Some years many seniors graduate while in other years only a few spaces become available.


A floater roster is available for students who want the opportunity to use other student's canceled times as they come available on a week to week basis.  Some students on the waiting list use the floater roster as an opportunity to get in occasional lessons while waiting to secure a regular schedule slot of their own until one becomes available.

Procedure for Scheduling

Weekend students are expected to email by Thursday evening, and mid week students to email by Monday evening if they can't use their regularly scheduled time due to a conflict.  Those times then become available and are then posted to the calendar section of this site so students on the floater roster can view the open/available times. Those available spaces are then filled on a first come basis to floaters whose email request for that time is received first. Typically these available times fill quickly, on the same night they are posted.  Open spots are posted by 9 pm Thursdays and Mondays.

Initial Interview

All prospective students are invited to an initial interview session. This session provides an opportunity for us to get to know each other, for me to get to know your music preferences and goals, and for you to have a sample lesson. There is no charge for the initial interview, with the understanding that either party may decide not to proceed further.

Weekly Expectations

Cancellation/Reschedule: Requests for Weekend lesson adjustments need to be received via email by Thursday or Monday evening by 6:00 pm as described above in procedure for scheduling. If a student must miss a session after these deadlines, and the spot can not be filled, the student will be charged for the missed session.  These canceled times are offered to "floaters" on a first come basis as described above.

Dates are posted to the online calendar by the beginning of each month confirming the days lessons will be offered for that month. Do keep in mind that during travel/touring and holiday intervals there are less weeks for lessons. December, January, April and July are the months most affected.


If you won't practice, lessons are pointless.  There is no magic formula to circumvent regular practice.  We work with each student to teach effective practice techniques and to develop an individualized practice routine that will help him or her achieve his or her musical goals.  Students who will not practice may be dismissed at the sole discretion of the instructor.

Fees (as of Jan 1, 2016)

     - 45 minute sessions are $55.00

     - 60 minute sessions are $70.00

     - 75 minute sessions are $85.00

     - 90 minute sessions are $100.00

Tuition is payable weekly in cash or by check for the month in advance.  Students who do not remain current in their payments may be dismissed.  All sessions are conducted at the studio.

Combos and House Concerts

We occasionally put together combos so that jazz piano and sax players in the studio can experience playing with a rhythm section in a small group setting. Since there are always many students who play other instruments in the studio studying theory and composition, many kinds of combos are possible.
A few House Concerts are produced each year.  These House Concerts give students an opportunity to perform for each other, their parents, and their friends. Participation in at least one performance each year is a requirement for continued instruction

Recording Sessions

The digital studio is available to students at mutually agreeable times for the same hourly fees above or on a per project fee basis.  Additional student technicians are available for $10.00/hour for more complicated projects.